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Baederland Hamburg suffers from energy crisis and staff shortage. The company announced the adjustments to the pools last Thursday and implemented them on Monday.

Those who want to swim outside even in the cold season now have a hard time in Hamburg; the majority The year-round outdoor pools and the outdoor pool of the Bondenwald indoor pool have been decommissioned. The three slides in Bramfeld and Bilstedt were also initially closed.

The water temperature has been lowered

In addition, the water temperature in the swimming pools was lowered by one degree on Monday. “These measures are the right lever to make the 15-20 percent energy saving investment that we all require,” says Baederland CEO Dirk Schumeier.

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AUDIO: Baederland lowers Hamburg pool temperature (1 min)

Up to two days off per week for almost all pools

But in addition to gas, Baederland is also short on staff, and this leads to further restrictions. Most of Hamburg’s swimming pools will be closed one or two days a week in the future. “Closing days are placed on low-use days, except for public holidays and weekends,” says Schumeier. Here are the exact opening hours can be viewed online at

School and club swimming continues

Only Bartholomäus-Therme and Kaifu-Bad will remain open seven days a week until further notice. In all pools, morning, school and club swimming should take place without change. Offered courses are also unaffected by adjustments.

Saunas continue to operate

The saunas must remain open in the cool season, according to Baederland, they “make an important contribution to public health” and, with the exception of MidSommerland’s ovens, are not heated by gas, but run on green electricity.

If the crisis situation worsens in the next few weeks, Baderland promises further steps, it may first affect the fun areas of the baths.

Additional information

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