Good news for parents. No more daycare closings.

Shortly before the coming winter, the parents of Karl Lauterbach Kindergarten have a big concern. Kindergartens will no longer be closed worldwide. This could already be said, because the “Corona Daycare Study” of the Robert Koch Institute showed that day care centers are not a source of infection.

The federal minister of health is still skeptical about the coming months.

“The coming coronavirus winter will be a challenge for families and children as well. Unfortunately, the epidemic is not over.”

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach

Breathe a sigh of relief for kindergarten parents

However, renewed national day care closures should not be expected because “day care centers have never been a source of infection,” Lauterbach said. And then. “So it must be said, according to today’s knowledge, the realization clearly comes that the closing of kindergartens would not have been necessary at the beginning of the epidemic.” This is a statement that gives parents a sigh of relief, and probably angers one or the other. Especially when they hear the second important finding of the “Corona Daycare Study”.

A sad record

The study once again scientifically confirms what many parents suspected and felt themselves: the closing of kindergartens was a great burden for children and their parents. It is also not surprising to find that children from economically disadvantaged families are relatively more severely affected. Half of the 5,000 day care centers surveyed reported an overwhelming need for support. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus emphasizes this assessment.

“With a high proportion of children from socially disadvantaged families, day care centers now have almost twice as many support needs for language, motor skills and social and emotional development as before the pandemic.”

Lisa Paus

Leah Zerowski

Relief, but not anger

In 2020, my oldest son was in preschool, the youngest is almost two years younger, so we took with us all the braces that have been there so far. So I personally suffer and sometimes find closing times extremely difficult; even though we are two adults, even though both parents were able to work in a home office.

Now hearing that the closures weren’t necessary after all doesn’t make me angry. After all, you’re always smarter afterwards. Yes, political decisions have a high price, which children have to pay in no small measure. Yes, it’s unfair, mean and just plain stupid. But when these decisions were made, little was known about this new virus other than that it spreads quickly and can be deadly.

Anyone who has ever had a child in day care knows how quickly infections such as hand, foot and mouth or gastrointestinal infections can spread there. That is why what is happening at the moment is also shown in kindergartens. And when you pick up your baby on Wednesday morning and the notice says colostrum, you know what you’ll likely be doing over the weekend.

In my view, therefore, then as now, it made sense that politicians were reluctant to test whether this new, unknown virus behaved differently than the common gastrointestinal virus next door.


If you want to relive how the little Cov2 virus managed to (almost) stop the world, let dolphins swim in the canals of Venice and close day care centers and schools around the world, here’s a movie tip from 2020 that requires: you go back to the early days of the epidemic and the apocalyptic attitude to life at that time;

Coronavirus, explained Official Trailer |: Netflix:

Stress test. How stressed is my child?

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