Go swimming outside for the first time

The outdoor pool season has started. But especially when jumping into cold water for the first time and then bathing, you should take it easy. © Adobe Stock

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At the beginning of the season, water rats should be prepared in an outdoor pool without corona rules. And because operators want to save energy in many places, less heated pool water. With these tips, you can still bathe in peace.

1. Don’t stay in the water too long

Immersion in cold water is not a good idea. Better. take it step by step. In order not to stress the cardiovascular system, the body should gradually get used to the temperature of the water.

If you want to avoid hypothermia, you should not swim too long. As a rule, the water temperature corresponds to the minutes you can stay in the water. Thomas Huber, the president of the Bavarian Water Rescue Service, notes this. But be careful. the risk of calf cramping while swimming is greater in cold water.

By the way, dry immediately after swimming so that you don’t get cold. If you jump right out of the pool into the shower, you should slowly raise the temperature. It protects the cycle.

2. Don’t start the swimming season without sunscreen

Water surfaces reflect UV radiation. Therefore, even when the sky is cloudy, the risk of sunburn is high when swimming, for example on the shoulders or nose. Munich dermatologist Christoph Liebich recommends applying a generous amount of sunscreen with a high sun protection factor of between 30 and 50. And reapply at least every two hours and after swimming. This also applies to waterproof sunscreens. As the protection is applied during drying.

3. Keep your distance, even voluntarily

The strict rules of the coronavirus in outdoor swimming pools will no longer apply at the beginning of the season. You can still protect yourself. The German Lifesaving Association advises here to keep a sufficient distance. Good to know. The virus is not transmitted through water. Chlorine also destroys many bacteria in swimming pools.


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