German mastery in Stuttgart. successful resume: sports

In Stuttgart, the audience welcomed the German masters. Photo: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

Stuttgart is reliable and remains a good place for horses and riders. Spectators reward aggressive sports politics and thus serve as an example outside of equestrian sports, says our author Thomas Borgmann.

Philipp Weishaupt of the Ludger Beerbaum stable, the new master of German show jumping, puts it succinctly: “We all missed this tournament. Schleierhalle is the best indoor stadium in the world. And Isabel Werth, the “Queen of Dressage”, says: “Stuttgart is the most important German indoor tournament for us. You could also host the final of the World Cup here.”

The city’s own event company in.Stuttgart truly deserves so much praise for quality sources. Your boss Andreas Kroll and his team took a big risk. The withdrawal of long-time main sponsor “Mercedes-Benz” put the organizer of this 36th German “Masters” under heavy pressure.

investment in the future

In order for the traditional tournament, founded in 1985, to take place again after a three-year break, for the first time since the premiere, several hundred thousand euros in prize money were made available from the treasury. This is an investment for the future, a signal for international equestrian sports. Stuttgart is reliable and remains a good place for horses and riders. Society rewarded this offensive sports policy. And the athletes thank the organizer with great sport and great emotions.

How the financial balance of this world-famous tournament will be arranged in 2022 is still open. Andreas Krol’s dream of reaching the mark of nearly 50,000 visitors has come true. With the successful resumption of the German Masters in Stuttgart, organizers have set an encouraging sign that has implications beyond equestrian sport.

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