Friedrich’s record hunting with concern. Bob the Dominator calls his sport “waste”

Friedrich’s record hunt with concern
Bob the Dominator called his own sport “waste”

Without Francesco Friedrich, the podium is unimaginable in bobsled. The German has dominated the world elite for years and is also the top favorite for the upcoming season. However, the 32-year-old player is not happy. He sees no future for his own sport.

Long-time champion Francesco Friedrich sees the future of bobsledding downright bleak. “There will come a time when there will be no more bobsled. Our grandchildren will probably only learn about bobsleigh from history books,” the 32-year-old said before leaving for the World Cup opener in Whistler, Canada (from November 21). “The world on Sunday”.

Friedrich justified his pessimistic assessments with negative developments in various fields. “We have almost no grassroots sports and hardly any competitive sports anymore. We are increasingly becoming a byproduct of other sports. fewer and fewer people are passing, the sport of bobsleigh does not have a great reputation in our society, despite great success, there is no social security for life after the sport,” complained the two-time Olympic champion.

The fight for sponsors is tough even for the exceptional athlete Friedrich, who was the first pilot in Beijing to win double gold for the second time in two and four. Despite his many records, he has not yet collected the necessary 250,000 euros for one season. “It’s a real Sisyphean problem. No one is throwing a penny at us, no matter what we have achieved. I’ve been bobsledding for 17 years and in all that time I’ve had one sponsor come to me and give it to me. E-Mail wrote: “Come on, I want to do something with you.” Every 17 years,” says the 13-time world champion of BSC Sachsen Oberbärenburg.

Artificial ice “bites” with climate protection

In response to pressing climate issues, Friedrich, who was the flag bearer for Germany’s Olympic team at the Winter Games earlier this year, is calling on associations to adopt modern concepts as part of his sport’s fight for survival. From the point of view of the eleven-time world champion, the current training of pilots to prepare for the upcoming season on the artificial ice track is “bitten” by the energy crisis, but the officials responsible “in terms of efficiency and survival”. for our sport” should make plans for the “ultimate alternative energy supply”. Unlike many snow sports enthusiasts, bobsleigh, toboggan and skeleton pilots “couldn’t have our sport happening in any other environment.”

Despite all the problems, he is still passionate about his sport and is aiming for a third double gold at the 2026 Winter Games, as well as aiming for 100 World Cup wins. He currently has 66 on his books. Since the 2018/19 season, he has always managed to win the overall World Cup in both doubles and fours.

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