Federal budget 2023: €13.1 billion for internal security, digitalisation, integration policy, sport and civil protection

Federal budget 2023: €13.1 billion for internal security, digitalisation, integration policy, sport and civil protection
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BMI and its authorities get 1,607 new jobs / €1.8 billion more than in the original financial plan

On November 10, the 2023 federal budget adjustment session was held in the budget committee of the German Bundestag. Despite narrow financial policy freedoms, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) has been significantly strengthened with additional funds and new posts.

The individual BMI plan sees the result for 2023 The volume is about 13.1 billion euros before. That means one An increase of around 1.8 billion euros compared to the original financial plan. And compared to the 2019 budget, the last budget without additional funds from the economic stimulus packages, BMI’s budget increases by around €1.8 billion. The budget also includes 2023 1,607 new posts for the Federal Ministry of the Interior and its authorities. The Federal Office for Information Security, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the Federal Agency for Technical Assistance (THW) and the Police Enforcement Area of ​​the Federal Police are exempt from the 1.5 percent job cuts that other authorities must make. to make

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Feiser. “Especially in difficult times, our safety is an absolute priority. The 2023 budget is therefore also a homeland security budget. We are investing €1.8 billion more than originally planned in many other areas of responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs and Community, including citizen protection, modern integration policy, sport and the Community. 1.6 billion euros are available in 2023 for the digitization of the state and the strengthening of cyber security. We are consistently implementing my cybersecurity agenda.

The coronavirus pandemic, the effects of climate change that we are already experiencing today, and the consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine show that we need to make our country more crisis-proof. We need to arm ourselves better against threats. That is why we are significantly strengthening civil defense. The federal Office of Civil Defense and Disaster Assistance is getting 146 new jobs and thus growing by a third.

My special thanks go to the coalition’s budget speakers Dennis Rode, Sven-Christian Kindler and Otto Fricke, as well as the coalition’s rapporteurs responsible for the individual BMI program: Jamila Schaefer, Martin Gerster and Dr. Torsten Lieb”.

Unlike usual, there were significant improvements in the BMI individual plan between the Budget Committee’s individual plan consultation and adjustment meeting on September 28, 2022.

The consequences of the Russian aggressive war in Ukraine will also be felt in 2023. Therefore, BMI and the Federal Ministry of Finance agreed, parallel to the ongoing parliamentary procedure. The 2022-2023 supplementary budget related to Ukraine will be updated with significant parts.. Therefore, for the coming year additional funds: 200 million euros ready These are distributed integration courses Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, help by THW and the Federal Office of Civil Defense and Disaster Assistance as well police equipment and training aid in favor of Ukraine.

In cleaning session the budget commission has defined further decisive emphases. In particular, he needs about 76 million euros to implement A federal government program to host particularly vulnerable people from Afghanistan provided. It has also decided to grow in the areas of security, social cohesion and civil and disaster protection, for example Federal Police Shipsis Promoting Jewish life in Germany and Strengthening volunteer work at THW.

More than half of the 2023 budget goes to security. The individual plan envisages an approach of around 6.4 billion euros for this alone, an increase of more than 200 million euros compared to the previous financial planning. Also in Digitization, IT and cyber security one is specified in the individual plan a significant increase of almost €900 million compared to the previous plan. This means that around 1.6 billion euros are available for this important topic of the future. The individual plan also sees an approach one billion euros in the field of integration and migration forward and around 600 million euros in the fields of prevention, homeland and sports.

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