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The quartet of questions. Peter Schulz from SV Mauerstetten about the Volleyball World Cup and the upcoming season for the volleyball players.

Kaufbeuren Four questions that are possible or impossible for SV Mauerstetten’s volleyball team sports director Peter Schulz. The women are preparing for the new season, while the German women’s team is fighting for a place in the next round of the World Cup in Holland.

SVM volleyball players are only before the season. In the meantime, the German women’s team is participating in the World Championship in Holland. Will the SVM girls at least be made to watch the World Cup on TV or can women step in?

Peter Schultz (laughs). Put your feet “no” and summer is already over. we are in the middle of preparations and the girls can take a look if they have time.

SVM had a quiet start in the Bavarian league last season, just missing out on third place. Germany started the world championship with two victories. they hardly make it to the second round.

Schultz: Unlike a season, the start of a tournament often plays a bigger role because there is less time between games. Dealing with setbacks is very important. Almost anyone can ride a wave.

The coach of the German national team, Belgian Vital Heinen, who has already won the Men’s World Championship with Poland, says: “Men think very little, women think a lot.” Mauerstetten there are a disproportionate number of intelligent women given the success of volleyball there.

Schultz (laughs). Now I have to successfully maneuver around the blunders. There are many differences between women and men. wit is sometimes one of them. In addition to the players, the reasons for the success in Mauerstetten are above all the coaches, managers and the environment.

Heinen advises players in difficult situations. “Go have a beer.” Will it be the same for SVM coach J├╝rgen Malter’s tricks next season, or will the women also finish in the top three?

Schultz: Preparations are going well, Jurgen’s work is paying off, and the SVM girls are excited for the new season. Everything is possible. It will definitely be interesting to see how Corona affects the course of the sport. Vitali’s tip had to be corrected by Jurgen due to the age structure.

The quartet of questions so far.

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