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November 13, 2022
7:43 p.m

Schwandorf-Ettmannsdorf won 3-1 at TSV Waldkirchen, as they did against Amberg.  Dietmar Zwick
Schwandorf-Ettmannsdorf won 3-1 at TSV Waldkirchen, as they did against Amberg. Dietmar Zwick

Schwandorf.It was an unpleasant game for SV Schwandorf-Ettmannsdorf in Waldkirchen. After a poor performance, the second-placed side secured a 3-1 win against the relegation-threatened hosts only in the last few minutes. Johannes Böhm’s early 0-1 was followed by Lucas Schatzl after less than a quarter of an hour to level the score at 1-1. When the Lower Bavarians were red-carded, Tobias Wiesner capitalized on it by scoring twice for the visitors in an undeserved 3-1 win that secured second place in the table. The hosts are still in the middle of the relegation battle in the Landesliga Mitte.

All in all, it was not a good game for either side, as the 150 or so Waldkirchen crowd witnessed. The guests from Upper Pfalz put the first emphasis, who started strongly and had several chances. Johannes Böhm also scored SV’s opening goal seven minutes later. After ten minutes, however, the match became more and more uneventful, becoming a pure bolzerey with no game highlights. However, only the second part of the table could show that, the means were woven a little more simply by the locals. However, SVSE adjusted to level. So it worked out as it should, TSV Waldkirchen leveled at 1-1 through Lucas Schatzl. The away side then had little chance to see what was happening, the hosts acting defensively and narrowing the spaces. There were only a few scenes here and there in the goal square, mostly everything happened in the midfield. It was not enough for the demands of the Upper Palatinate.

Nothing changed during the game in the second half. SV wanted that decision, which Waldkirchener couldn’t. The referee responded to the commotion with a time penalty for Ilhan Koc, after a while the player of the home team had to leave the field with a straight red. This gave the guest a little more space that he knew how to use. Scorer Tobias Wiesner once again played a decisive role. First, he scored a goal in the 84th minute, making the score 1:2, four minutes later he made a decision to make it 1:3 with a goal, so the guests once again showed their patience.

Coach Mario Albert did not see anything positive in the game, except for the victory. It was important that we waited for our chance and then took the three points against an opponent who risked everything and made life difficult for us.”

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