End for riding in pentathlon. game show is revolutionizing Olympic sports

Going out to ride in the pentathlon
The game show is revolutionizing Olympic sports

A revolution has been decided: riding beyond the modern pentathlon. Annika Schleu’s Olympic scandal affects the future of sports. To be such at all, the world association relies on a new discipline. This is becoming popular on television.

In the modern pentathlon, the controversial show jumping will finally become history after the 2024 Olympics in Paris, it will be replaced by the hurdle. This was decided by the congress of the UIPM world association with 69 out of 83 votes. Several test competitions were held recently. Then the athletes must pass along the rings and climb up the curved wall.

Show jumping became unbearable with the scandal surrounding the German athlete Annika Schleu at the Olympic Games last summer. Schlew was on his way to gold in Tokyo until his horse jumped. She tearfully tried to bring the animal back to its course with tablecloths and whips, the pictures went around the world.

As a result, the cancellation of show jumping was announced in November, but as it stands now it will not come into effect until after the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. The sport is not yet part of the 2028 Olympic program. “When we leave the Olympic Games, we will belong only to the Olympic Museum,” said UIPM President Klaus Schormann. Training is “the only answer”.

The decision to use an obstacle course, popularized by game show Ninja Warrior, aims to improve the pentathlon’s odds as Los Angeles 2028 approaches. The obstacle should already be part of the national championships and in the international youth area in 2023.

IOC President Thomas Bach recently said that the future of pentathlon also depends on “how the association replaces equestrian competitions”. There was already a strong objection from the athletes. Interest group Pentathlon United complained that the executive of the world association ignored the opinion of the majority of athletes. In a survey conducted by Pentathlon United, among other things, they were in favor of maintaining the discipline of equestrian sports.

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