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Topless in the pool is perfectly normal for men, but not so far for women. The Amesbuttel District Assembly wants that to change and has now passed a motion to do so.

It was long past time for a fair dress code that made no distinction between the sexes, said the SPD in Eimsbüttel, which campaigned for the application.

That’s up to the pools to decide

In Hamburg, however, the decision about this does not belong to politicians. House rules apply in the bathrooms. As an operating company, Baederland is not interested in setting an example in the political debate. “We don’t see ourselves as pioneers in the fight against prudence. It’s important to us that all guests feel comfortable with us,” said spokesman Michael Dutt.

The rules for swimming are vague

The bathing regulations do not prohibit women from bathing “topless”, the rules are vague. As long as no one feels uncomfortable, that’s perfectly fine, according to Viewable. If there are complaints, a compromise will be found.

But that is not enough for the district assembly. The responsible authority in Eimsbüttel must now work to ensure that topless is directly allowed for women.

Additional information

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