Digital swimming experience. Going out with whales and dolphins in Phildorado – Esslingen

This virtual water world can always be seen at Phildorado on Fridays. Photo: Fildorado/kabetec

With new digital technology, you can now swim in Phildorado’s virtual water worlds every Friday.

Gone are the days when blue tiles restricted swimming in public pools. The noise of other swimmers is gone as soon as you return to your diving surface. At least that’s how it is now in Phildorado. Coral reefs are now waiting there for your appreciation, there you can now watch whales or swim in a race with dolphins.

At least in practice this is now always possible on Fridays from 12pm until the end of the bathing season. For this you need a virtual reality face mask, i.e. oversized diving goggles that allow snorkeling and contain quite a lot of electronics from the latest digital generation that communicate with various sensors at the edge of the pool.

In Fildorado, this equipment is available for €30 for half an hour. And families or groups of friends can pick them up and take it in turns to enjoy this treat. In this way, up to four swimmers can move in the pool. And so that they do not collide, they are warned about each other in time, of course virtually, for example, in the form of a water sprite or a mermaid.

Unlike previous tricks of this type, swimmers are no longer limited by their swimming radius, but can use the pool entirely to themselves thanks to digital warning signs. There are four marine programs to choose from. And then there is the appropriate acoustics.

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