DFB. Manuel Neuer talks about his future football news

National goalkeeper Manuel Neuer misses his future in the DFB team even at the age of 36.

He “assumes it will be my last World Cup,” the national team captain said two weeks before Germany’s opener against Japan (November 23). Sports Illustrated. But you never know, “it doesn’t have to be that way,” Neuer added meaningfully.

The goalkeeper of “Bavaria” Munich has played 113 international matches so far. The World Cup in Qatar will be his seventh major tournament with lofty goals. “I am not afraid to say that we want to become world champions. We know that many countries want it. Many things play a role, we need. right momentum.”

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Neuer in exchange for Flick

The 2014 world champion described his exchange with national coach Hansi Flick as “open and honest”. He “must not mince his words. I don’t treat him any differently than a player, I can just get my opinion out there.”

Neuer also encourages his colleagues to be clear about their opinion on the controversial World Cup in Qatar. “The most important thing is that we, as players with strong opinions, do not hide or be afraid during the interview, everyone should express their opinion,” demanded the “Bavaria” star. It should be primarily about sports, “but will any of us be silenced? I can’t imagine it will happen to us.”


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