Court of Auditors. black-green with dangerous debt policies

Kiel (dpa / lno) – The state audit office accuses the black-green state government of Kiel of wrong budget policy. “I think that the debt policy of Schleswig-Holstein is really dangerous,” said Gabi Schaefer, head of the German press agency. The background to this is the announcement by Monika Heinold (Greens) that she intends to further increase Ukraine’s emergency loan – 400 million euros so far – despite high tax revenues. No other federal state has ever decided to grant such a loan to Ukraine, Shafer said.

Heinold wants to talk with parliamentary groups about price increases these days. Your offer is an increase of one billion euros.

“In our view, Ms. Heinold should not repeat the mistakes she made with the Corona loan, but it’s getting worse now,” Schaefer said. In order to fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the state parliament approved an emergency loan of more than five billion euros at Heinold’s request. At the same time, he put the total costs of the epidemic at 2 to 2.5 billion euros.

According to the latest tax estimate, the country can expect to collect around 2.5 billion euros more up to and including 2026 than was expected in the May estimate. “So we’re swimming in money,” Shaffer said. Even if you offset the federal aid packages, the country remains in the black. Wanting to take on so much new debt again seems absurd.

Earlier statements about expenses had nothing to do with Ukraine, Shefer criticized. She cited funding for consumer and debt counseling, decarbonization programs, early childhood education and women’s services as examples. “First of all, you have to say that I will spend the 400 million that I received by the emergency decree on this issue before I declare a state of emergency again with the new decree of Ukraine. It is not even possible, that’s the way it is. constitutionally it is also not possible.” This is the same model as when dealing with Corona.

The boss also noted that there is still a reserve of 1.2 billion euros. Against this background, he also little understands that Heinold now wants to take additional loans, especially for the Ukraine complex. “The fact that, apart from Schleswig-Holstein, no other state has made its own emergency decision for loans to Ukraine shows how immature the whole thing is.”

In the short term, the government is leaving a gap in the budget with its approach. “But in the long run, someone has to pay back the debt.” The boss also referred to the fact that the interest rates are rising again. “It will be expensive and the next generation will have to pay for it.” In addition, there will be a demographic trend towards fewer taxpayers and key issues such as environmental protection and tackling the climate crisis. “I think the state government would be well advised to get the budget on a solid footing first and refrain from further borrowing.”

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