Colin Umegbolu and Vivienne Schurch are the fastest


The fastest was a woman and dietician from Urdorf. 102 children participated in “Limmattaler Fisch”.

Vivienne Schurch and Colin Umegbolu set the best times in the swimming competition at the Dietiker Indoor Pool in Fondley. The latter won for the second time.

Vivienne Schurch (second from left) from Urdorf was the fastest among the girls.

zvg / Uwe Funk

120 children signed up and 102 were there last Saturday at the Dietiker Indoor Pool in Fondley for fun and competitive swimming. It is about the traditional “Limmattaler Fisch” swimming competition. Dietician Colin Umegbolu, who also swims with Limmat Sharks Zurich, clocked the fastest time of 30.12 seconds for the 50m. He was born in 2012, and in 2021 he already won the competition. Vivienne Schurch from Urdorf, born in 2011, was the fastest among girls with 36.44 seconds. Bremgarten is a member of the swimming club.

The Organizing Committee (OC) and many helpers also did a great job. Their aim is to motivate young people in the Limmat Valley to take up swimming and give them the opportunity to take part in a competition that requires no entry fee and does not require you to be licensed by a swimming club. The fact that the competition went well with more than 100 children is due to child discipline on the one hand, and the fact that only one-year-old children are in the indoor pool at a time, the OC said in a statement.

“Thank you very much for the financial commitment”

“Limmattaler Fisch” can also count on several sponsors. The city of Dietikon makes the indoor swimming pool available free of charge. In addition, Z├╝rcher Kantonalbank, the Zurich Cantonal Sports Association and Swisslos acted as main sponsors of the event. “We are very grateful for the financial commitment,” Ursula Hintermeister was quoted as saying by OK in a statement. Without the sponsorship money, the event either couldn’t take place or participating children would have to be asked to pay entry fees, Hintermeister continued.

Compared to the record year of 2016, when 174 children signed up for the “Limmattaler Fisch” in Geroldswil, this year’s number of participants was slightly lower at 102. In this sense, competition is also somewhat affected by the late effects of the corona epidemic, says Hintermeister. After all, the epidemic has forced some people, for example, to organize their free time in a different way. Let’s remind that in 2020 “Limmattaler Fisch” was completely canceled, in 2021 it celebrated its return. According to Hintermeister, the OC hopes that more children from the Aargau Limmat Valley will also participate in the competition in the future.

The next “Limmattaler Fisch” will take place on November 4, 2023. It will be the 13th issue already. It is quite possible that Vivienne Schurch and Colin Umegbolu will be fastest again.

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