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DLRG warns that fewer children may learn to swim because the water in indoor pools is now colder. For swimming lessons, the water should be 26 degrees.

To heat hundreds of thousands of liters of water, indoor swimming pools must use a lot of energy. The first swimming pools in Lower Saxony have already lowered the pool temperature or closed, as the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) announced on Wednesday. DLRG fears many children will never learn to swim again. There is a direct correlation between water temperature in pools and willingness to learn to swim. Olympic swimming champion Florian Wellbrock, who supports DLRG, asked: How do you teach a five- or six-year-old that he should now get into cold water and have fun learning to swim?

DLRG. Water should be 26 degrees for swimming lessons

DLRG shows that it understands that pools need to lower water temperatures for economic reasons. From his point of view, the temperature for swimming lessons should be at least 26 degrees. Some children may also take longer to learn to swim, DLRG claims, because they are cold. The complaint has a preliminary background. During the coronavirus pandemic, pools had to be temporarily closed across the board. Therefore, the courses for children were cancelled.

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A buoy in an indoor pool lies quietly in the water.  © screenshot

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