Campaign “Aging in motion in NRW”. Feel young longer through sports

Eitorf (den). A day of action took place as part of the “Staying young through judo” program of the North Rhine-Westphalia Judo Association (NWJV). This NWJV project is in turn part of a campaign started by the state sports association of North Rhine-Westphalia: “Age on the move in NRW.”

“Of course, we can’t really ‘stay young’ anymore, as our slogan glamorously promises. But it has been proven that a moderate and appropriate sports concept allows us to feel younger and stay active much longer,” comments NWJV President Andreas Klegrafe.

The course of the action day was designed in this way, aimed both at coaches as part of their own further training and at interested older judo athletes. The content of the practice items were “fit and agile with judo”, “don’t be afraid of falling” and “fall and throw. cleverly combined.”

The implementation was in the hands of two “heavyweights” of German judo: Uli Kloecke (8th DAN) from Bonn and Walter Trapp (7th DAN) from Duisburg. Both have been active and successful judokas for many decades and have been dealing with the theme of the day of action for a long time.

Bernd Zielinski, a member of the Executive Committee of the Eitorf Judo Club, welcomed the event and said:

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