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BVB face an awkward World Cup break after two away defeats in four days. The growing gap between aspiration and reality is giving rise to discussions about the quality of the team.

Sebastian Kell’s petrified expression gave a deep look. With a slow voice and unusually long pauses in speaking, Dortmund’s sporting director struggled for the right words to explain the 2:4 (2:3) sporting oath at Mönchengladbach.

“That is far from our claim. It’s clearly going to give us a couple of anxious weeks,” he commented on the title contender’s ongoing crash from the Champions League race.

National football player Julian Brandt reacted no less depressed to the second bitter away defeat at the wrong time. “It hurts a lot when you lose before winter break. That’s too much baggage. For me, it’s my own fault, absolute incompetence.”

As the World Cup break begins, the peace and quiet at the Revierclub is severely disturbed. 0-2 at Wolfsburg and 2-4 at Borussia Mönchengladbach in four days made a powerful impression on everyone involved. Until the resumption of the Bundesliga BVB: On January 22, any look at the table will cause you anxiety.

Disappointment with coach Terzic

Coach Edin Terzic also did not hide his disappointment. “You don’t despair, but you’re just very disappointed. Now we have a deficit to fill. We don’t start from scratch, we start over. from the minus.”

After 15 matchdays with more shadows than light, little remains of the spirit of optimism that surrounded the return of self-confessed BVB fan Terzic as head coach last summer. After all, the team are six points worse than they were last season under Terzic’s predecessor Marco Rose and have already suffered six defeats.

Athletic director Kell sees a great need for action. “Losing in the last two games is impossible. We will analyze it ruthlessly in internal affairs. There are some issues to work on.”

A long list of shortcomings raises doubts about whether the squad has the quality required for a top-four finish this season. BVB once again exposed serious defensive problems in Gladbach and were well served by goals conceded by Jonas Hoffmann (4th), Rami Bensebaini (26th), Marcus Thuram (30th) and Kwadio Kone (46th).

The defense should be stabilized with the acquisition of two national defenders Niklas Sule and Niko Schlotterbeck. “I don’t understand, it can’t be explained, if we defend like that, you can’t be successful,” Kehl complained. Brandt also looked helpless.

But the offensive balance is not worthy of a title contender. Lightning-quick but still injury-free Donnell Mullen has not caught on in his second year at Dortmund. Additionally, rookies Kareem Adeyemi and Anthony Modeste have been well below expectations for weeks.

Hoping for a comeback for Reus and Co.

The fact that BVB are still struggling in both the cup and the Champions League can only narrow the growing gap between aspirations and reality to a limited extent.

The return of injured specialists such as Marco Reus, Mahmoud Dahoud, Thomas Meunier or Jamie Baino-Gitens, expected in January, could help make up for the deficit. “Hopefully, we will create new options with this or that player who will return. And then we have to attack again,” Kel demanded.

However, there could be no talk of a positive attitude among the players of the German national team for the world championship to be held in Qatar. Still, top scorer Brandt (19th) didn’t want to let the anticipation of the tournament get in his way. “By the time I arrive on Sunday night, I’ll probably still be extremely sick from everything,” admitted the 26-year-old, “but I can’t blame the DFB team for that. Accordingly, you need to find connect. sometimes it’s not that easy.”

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