Borchener collects balls for sports in Tanzania

“It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, with a hole or worn out, we take every ball that’s unnecessary,” says Marvin Klein, who is from Borchen and has played there, on the one hand, for SC Borchen. , train children. with his C coaching license and still coordinates youth tournaments at his home club.

The young man is currently a volunteer with the My Ball Your Ball aid organization in Mwanza, northern Tanzania. The program of the organization. In December, a container full of balls will be sent to Tanzania, where the old balls will be deflated, patched and reused. In this way, several clubs could benefit.

Klein travels around the Mwanza region every day and gets to know the sport in the African Indian Ocean nation. “People play passionately, but there is a lack of structure,” explains the volunteer. Often just loose groups get together to play. Classic training, as the 25-year-old from SC Borchen knows, is only available in the East African country’s first two couches, which of course also depends on the locations on the ground. “Most are clay fields with hills, uneven ground or large rocks. Anything used as a soccer field here wouldn’t even be good enough as farmland in Germany. Therefore, a game with elaborate short passes is impossible.” Thus, the organization helps to create sports and community centers.

Most sports fields like this one in Mwanza are sandy, uneven and dotted with hills. Photo: My ball your ball eV

Among other things, Marvin Klein is working on a “Ball Exchange Program” designed to help deliver trees collected in Germany to clubs and schools in Tanzania. This is linked to an on-site workshop for trainers, which also enables practitioners from Germany to understand the Tanzanian perspective. However, the important thing for Marvin Klein is that he is not seen as a white man showing Tanzania how it is done, but he is there to learn himself and at the same time offer a European perspective.

Planned visit from Tanzania

“It’s about sharing and breaking down clichés. Our workshops are about reflection and sharing experiences,” says Borchen. The qualified social worker is already looking forward to the return visit. The visit of Tanzanian coaches to Germany is scheduled for May. “We can not only show the conditions and structure of our training. At the same time, it is planned that we will visit schools together so that German children and young people can enjoy Tanzanian physical education classes and be sensitive to cultural exchange,” explains Borchener.

Before her volunteer year, Klein studied social work and worked for two years at Gut Göddeken in Buren. After her return from Tanzania, which is scheduled for March next year, she wants to work in Germany as an adventure teacher and start a master’s degree in social work. His dedication to the ball-scoring campaign in particular should continue from Borchen.

His family and S.K. Borchen is also now collecting balls for the project. It is still possible until November 20. If you would like to support the campaign as a club, school or individual, please contact us [email protected]

Construction of a sports center in Mwanza, Tanzania. Photo: Claire Pfend

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