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To love yourself with all your heart, to be at peace with your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and personality traits, to accept that others can do some things better than you; It’s nice to be in the middle of the demands of the adult world and perfectionism often makes this state more difficult to achieve. And there is so much value in not wanting to be someone else all the time or living someone else’s life.

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“I’m so happy to be the way I am” and “I like myself”, this is what the beloved hippopotamus Wawatch could say from the heart in the children’s play “I am the way I am”. . Wolfgang Messner of the Blinklichtertheatre brought it to the stage at the weekend at the much-hyped Pumpwerk.

“I’m so happy to be the way I am,” Wawatchi the hippopotamus finally had a good idea with Wolfgang Messner. © Perner

He is nothing more than an unknown, as confirmed by both Nina Unglenk-Baumann, head of the Children’s Office and the Future Family Center, and Wolfgang Messner; a series of performances Hockenheim return. And it is not surprising, because this time he managed to charm both the little viewers from the age of four, and the parents who came with him after a very short time. When there was no laughter or participation, there was an unusual silence for such performances, and even the adults could not help but follow the commotion as the theater teacher repeatedly interrupted her hints and jokes.

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The song of the rain soaks

During the 45 minutes of play, he took the kids and parents to Africa, where they were allowed to accompany Wawatchi the hippo on his day. After a rain song in which the children actively participated, it finally started to rain and Wawatchi the hippo’s favorite waterhole began to fill and was immediately used for his first bath, followed by the realization that there wasn’t much left. besides, a watering hole needs more than spinach, lettuce, and a friend.

But when the talking flowers would rather sunbathe than bathe in the canal, Rhesus the monkey positively wants to teach Wawatchi how to climb, and Wawatchi fails due to his strong stature and “flying hippopotamus” when he is not allowed to pick him up. to participate in an elephant parade on Kilimanjaro due to lack of ears and a trunk, and when Sin King Leo Levicus, with his penchant for puns (“I water my objects, plates, underwear”), even emphasizes his qualities and privileges that the hippopotamus lacks, Wawatchi becomes is thoughtful and a little sad.

Although the tortoise had already assured him in the wonderful dialect of the Kurpfalzer, “You who are, and that is good,” he praised his “home” as exceedingly desirable, “Do hättsch dei Ruh.” When Wawatchi then observes Mama Lu the giraffe playing with the clouds and struggling to see the world from above, there is a sense of self-doubt, and the hippo once again asks herself: for laughs?’

The question even followed Wawatchi’s dream, depicted with the help of a shadow play, where the hippopotamus dreams of being someone else; who want to drive it. Trembling with fear, Wawatchi wakes up in Mesner’s arms and realizes that he is who he is at the well, to stay here and like himself. And with a rhesus negative monkey who wants to learn to swim, King Leo Levicus who wants to give him the crown, and all the other animals, he has a lot more than at least one friend who lives by the canal, lettuce and carrots. the needs of spinach.

In addition to Messner’s skills, the variety of elements on stage, from hand puppetry, shadow play and moving stick figures to musical interludes, kazoo and lighting effects to audience-driven actors, contributed to the successful ensemble. The play itself was well thought out, organized down to the smallest part for one person, and executed in a way that appealed to young and old alike. The various animals were lovingly stitched by hand, the stage design was varied and rich, and from the music to the staging and set design, a large team worked in advance until the performance was ready. Ultimately, it took six months to complete the piece, as Wolfgang Messner revealed in an interview.

The fact that Adrian, who was one of six children who dazzled with his stage presence in the elephant parade, ended up asking “is there anything else going on?” to return And before that, dad should do theater at home, as the puppeteer suggested with a wink.

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