BFV award ceremony. Volunteering is a very important issue

BFV 2022 will present its honorary award for the 27th time. Winners were chosen in areas such as youth work, organisation, social affairs or leadership from each of the 22 football regions. They are honored for their exemplary performance on behalf of the employees of many of Bavaria’s top clubs.

Simply put, an extremely valuable task that comes with responsibility, even obligation, and cannot be overestimated,” emphasized BFV President Christoph Kern.

Rudolf Kerl (TSV Lengfeld 1876), Christian Dorsch (SV Blau-Weiß Sassendorf) and Gerhard Lindner (SC Kirchenthumbach) finished first through third. They were honored by BFV partner Lotto Bayern as well as all 19 county winners with prize money for their clubs totaling €10,000.

Certificates were presented by BFV President Christoph Kern, Association Honorary Officer Stefan Merkel, BFV Vice President Inge Pirner, Lotto Bayern Vice President Josef Müller and DFB President Bernd Neuendorf, guest of honor at the gala.

“An important task is being done.”

The president of the DFB was present at this year’s award ceremony in Munich. For a football official, it is clear that the sport would not work without volunteerism. “And not just sports, but I think society as a whole when we look at volunteering. It’s not just about football, it’s about many people who are active in the social sphere. And that’s a very important thing that’s happening. – said the DFB president in an exclusive interview with BR24 Sport.

The 61-year-old adds that for him it’s people who “focus on ‘we’, not ‘me’.” The wealth of our society is always measured by gross national product and growth rate. “The real wealth you see when you look at volunteerism,” believes the DFB president.

Volunteering is not about financial donations

However, there are fewer and fewer people willing to sacrifice their free time for this. Should the BFV also break new ground, for example with appropriate payments for youth coaches? Neuendorf does not believe that “volunteer work is primarily about money and financial giving. From a tax perspective, the DFB has worked to ensure that improvements have taken place.” For example, flat rates for volunteers and coaches have recently been increased.

Looking for new initiatives to inspire youth

In addition, the federal government set out in the coalition agreement that it wants to further strengthen voluntary work. “I demand, so to speak, to clarify together with politicians what can be done in this direction,” Neuendorf emphasizes.

In addition, ways are being sought to get more young people interested in volunteering. “My experience is that if someone has been there once or twice, they’re happy to do it.” However, initiatives must be taken and new ideas developed “about how we can better approach these young people”.

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