Baumgart about gaming stress. “Sports equipment in the background”.

“We have half a year behind us, which we have not experienced before. The workload was very high and cannot be compared to anything else. “A lot of important players are injured and we won’t see many of them at this World Cup,” the 50-year-old coach said ahead of Saturday’s Bundesliga game at Hertha (3.30pm / Sky). “And then comes this artificially induced pause. There are many things that bother me about choosing this date.”

There are “a lot of things that are falling at our feet right now, and other nations are hitting it harder because of their appointments. “When I look at England, where players can come out of the final on December 18 and come back on the field on December 26,” Baumgart said. “We can see how far sport has taken a back seat and how important regeneration is no longer considered.”

Baumgart speaks from his own experience. During English weeks in the Conference League, he was missing key top performers, sometimes for weeks at a time. The coach fears more injuries during and after the World Cup. “At the end of the day, it’s not about whether you can still play this or that game. It is about long-term stress and the freshness the body needs. At some point you get tired, and then maybe it’s a step too late. My hat’s off to everyone who is still playing at the World Cup after such an already stressful time.”

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