Badewelt Waikiki in Zeulenroda-Triebes will close for a few years

Mayor. An important building block for tourism

Waikiki Water Park was opened 25 years ago, in June 1997. It offers a tropical pool, a sports pool with diving towers and several saunas. According to Mayor Nils Hammerschmidt (IWA-Pro Region), it is an important building block for year-round tourism on the Zeulenrodaer Meer. For the adventure pool to be able to fulfill this function, however, investment is needed for, among other things, a new children’s area, a sauna and the conversion of an outdoor water playground.

The Waikiki closure has so far been an isolated incident

Waikiki’s closure is so far an isolated incident among the Thuringian Baths. Jens Eisenschmidt, CEO of the Nordhausen Baths and a member of the Thuringian Baths Working Group, is however very concerned about the situation in the baths due to the huge energy costs. “The costs are enormous,” Eisenschmidt said. He calculates that his bathroom will cost 400,000 euros next year just for energy. Without price caps, things would become critical, he says. There is a danger that the operators can no longer afford the pools.

The Spa Association of Thuringia is also concerned about the development. At the moment, however, none of Thuringia’s six thermal baths is in danger of closing.

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