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Over the weekend, a 13-year-old boy drowned in Hamburg’s Elbe. He couldn’t swim. The German Life Saving Society (DLRG) is concerned about safety in the water as there are more and more non-swimmers.

President of DLRG Ute Vogt warns. “We figure we now have two school years of non-swimmers.” The reason is the extraordinary swimming lessons related to the coronavirus epidemic.

Lack of staff in the pools

The result: The children are now in third grade and often wouldn’t have seen the inside of the pool unless their parents arranged it, says the DLRG president. So there would be plenty to do but not enough staff at the pools to handle the rush.

A third of Hamburg’s outdoor pools are closed

Almost a third of outdoor swimming pools in Hamburg are currently closed, according to a Baederland representative. The situation is complicated. Baederland has run the swim school since 2006 and also offers make-up sessions during the holidays.

Swimming offensive action after Corona

Since last summer, there has been a swimming attack due to the Corona virus. But there is a lack of personnel to train lifeguards. Therefore, the DLRG chairman is calling for a round table with federal, state and local governments.

Additional information

Firefighters are searching for a 13-year-old child from a motorboat in the water of the Elbe, under the Teufelsbrück pier.  © picture alliance/dpa Photo: Jonas Walzberg

The boy jumped into the water near the Teufelsbrück ferry port in Nienstedten and went under. (06/27/2022) more

Sunshine on the banks of the Elbe in Blancnesee.  © NDR Photo: Hagen Thom

Water rescue should be easier in Hamburg. six numbers that can be used to indicate location should help. (02/08/2022) more

Volunteer lifeguard Aneke and her partner Luca monitor a bathing beach in the North Sea near Schilling.  © dpa/picture alliance Photo: Mohssen Asanimoghadam

According to DLRG, that number was especially high in August. Due to the coronavirus, many would be relaxing in inland waters and on the coast. (03/09/2021) more

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