After an accident while riding a pony. throbbing giant BVB breaks every bone

Borussia Dortmund would actually like to head into the long World Cup winter break feeling good and then pull out of the Bundesliga’s final game of the year with plenty of worries. The list of giant problems is huge. One more time.

Football pundits, including those around BVB, agreed that the first three minutes were good. Opinions differed on whether the first three minutes at Borussia Mönchengladbach were really good. Not as much as Dortmund’s chains in the fourth minute. Julian Brandt slipped, Emre Can was out, Rafael Guerreiro fell asleep, Nico Schlotterbeck reacted too late and thanks to world championship driver Jonas Hoffmann, the hosts were in front.

Claiming that was the moment Gladbach decided the game would go wrong. Which would be correct. The fourth minute was the moment that made Dortmund’s serious weaknesses a priority. This Friday night, for the next two months. BVB drag themselves into the World Cup break with an official fall depression.

Desperate to finally return to his old size, the black and yellow giant always collapses when trying to straighten his legs for the final stretch. It doesn’t matter if it’s swimming in the Mittelland Canal or riding a pony in Borussia Park. There are two defeats at the end of the working week, 0-2 to VfL Wolfsburg (Tuesday) and 2-4 (Friday) to the other Borussia, with the colts always referred to as ponies in Dortmund. relegation candidates of the week VfL Bochum were desperate (1:2). Both defeats dashed the dream of going head-to-head with arch-rivals Bayern after the World Cup. And even if it was just a wild dream, it was one. Burst like a balloon in the hands of over-inquisitive children. So strong that the thunder reverberated all the way to the old beer city, where black and yellow are so present that the whole metropolis lives to the rhythm of the club.

Borussia Monchengladbach – Borussia Dortmund 4:2 (3:2)

Gates. 1-0 Hoffmann (4th), 1-1 Brandt (19th), 2-1 Bensebaini (26th), 3-1 Thuram (30th), 3-2 Schlotterbeck (40th), 4-2 Kone (46.)
Menchengladbach. Olszowski – Scully, Friedrich, Elvedi, Bensebaini – Weigl, Kone (88th Itakura) – Hoffmann (90th+4 Nets), Kramer (46th Hermann), Stindl (90th Ngumou) – Thuram; Coach: color
Dortmund. Kobel – Sule, Hummels (78th Papadopoulos), Schlotterbeck (59th Modeste), Guerreiro – Bellingham, Can (59th Salih Ozkan) – Reina (46th Hazard), Brandt, Malen (71st Adeyemi) – Mukoko; Coach: Terchik:
Referee. Sven Jablonski (Bremen)
Viewers. 54,042 (sold)
Yellow cards. Stindl (4) – Hummels (4), Guerreiro (2)

It stops now. It’s World Cup time! For some people, it remains football time. For others, the two-month waiver now begins. Perhaps on the eve of spring-winter with a disappointed mulled wine(s). It will be busy weeks for BVB. Coach Edin Terzic will ask himself how he can push his team out of eternal negligence. In defensive vigilance, in offensive consistency. And the sports director Sebastian Kell will turn every stone and carefully look at him. Maybe one of them has moss on it. And is there no offer for wage giant Nico Schulz, Emre Can, Thorgan Hazard or Donnell Mullen on this long-forgotten piece of paper?

Money, money, money – and disappointment

These four players alone were worth €106 million to buyers who have been firmly in the market for years. Another 30 million euros to the World Cup player Karim Adeyemi, whom even the national coach did not confirm that he was in good shape. BVB have become one of the best players when it comes to burning money. The portal estimates the quartet’s current market value at an optimistic 45 million euros. These are conditions perhaps only found in the league with Hertha, who are always in need but still in semi-happy mood. Small consolation for the black and yellow. in terms of sports, the situation is not as uncertain as in the capital. The people of Dortmund will have nothing to do with the struggle to stand up. This has nothing to do with claim or reality. “Borussia” is wintering in the sixth place. That is also far from my own claim. As Terzic once again admitted to DAZN. “It’s a very disappointing evening, it’s hard to explain.”

He wanted to start again “from the middle” in January. Right in the middle of the fight for the national title. It’s been pretty close to the top so far. History: At least from Dortmund’s point of view. The gap to Bayern is six points this Friday night. But this mortgage will increase significantly again on Saturday. The Munich team hosted “Schalke 04”. Although coach Thomas Reiss kissed their rivals awake, they don’t believe one of the biggest miracles in recent league history will happen in the top flight – not in Munich, not in Gelsenkirchen and certainly not in Dortmund. “Now we have a deficit, which we have to fill in January,” Terzic analyzed. “We don’t start from zero, but from minus.”

Always the same in “Borussia”. In the summer, the people of Dortmund win in the transfer market with a big margin. Previously, for example, with Niklas Sule (!), Niko Schlotterbeck (!) or Karim Adeyemi (!). You buy the present and the future of German football. They win the transfer market and only a few weeks later are shocked to discover that the title will never be on the books. They are still able to overcome the first setbacks, but the more confident they are about losing the championship at the next stage, the more nervous they are in the stands. Then boss Hans-Joachim Watzke, CEO Carsten Kramer, who is in the running for succession to the throne, and mentality consultant Matthias Sammer take a slightly more sanguine view of their fate on the pitch. Later in the season, there are concerns about the manager who was appointed in the summer, but who must now finally forget Jurgen Klopp.

“Shameful Feeling”

Must also be without his captain, BVB coach Edin Terzic in Copenhagen.

The pressure on him is increasing. BVB coach Edin Terzic.

(Photo by David Indian Song/dpa)

Terzic should have become that person. They wanted to forget Thomas Tuchel, Peter Bos, Peter Stöger, Lucien Favre, Marco Rose. Terzik, the man who once stood with them in the curve, must now inspire the curve. It was nostalgia. He was homesick. But Terzic managed almost nothing in the first round. The defense is still as big a project as Emscher’s conversion once was. And the forward game is not really one, hidden by the hype about Yusufah Mukoko, the aura of Jude Bellingham, the brilliant individual actions of Julian Brandt. He has now admitted. “We conceded easy goals because of our own incompetence. It’s really heavy baggage, it’s a bad feeling.” The pressure on Terzic is increasing, he also needs to improve.

Years of frustration, the belief that the next star will leave the club in the summer and the ongoing battle for Champions League places keep Dortmund on the brink. Not in the abyss of Schalke, not in the abyss of Hamburg, but still with a glimpse of the depths of the league’s mid-levels. A place where it can go in all directions. The drop into the current abyss wouldn’t be deep at first, but at some point Borussia won’t have another Sancho Haalandbellingham to sell to top international competition. But that’s a prerequisite to being able to fund the rest of the team.

It will not continue like this forever. Other clubs will be established as contact points for young stars. Discovery of the year, Randal Kolo Muani, plays for Eintracht Frankfurt. Also because a club like Borussia Dortmund looks extremely threatening from the outside. For every progress comes too many failed transfers. Breaking away from a financially successful transfer strategy under Michael Zorc will be the challenge for BVB in the ongoing battle for Premier League places. Borussia must find solutions in the defensive midfield, wing and wing positions. Borussia need to give themselves a structure that mitigates departures and at the same time allows them to build a squad. The most important qualification in recent years begins with the beginning of the 2023/2024 season. Because from the 2024/2025 season, the premier class will close its bottleneck with even more money for the participating clubs. And so the qualification is long overdue. Someone who doesn’t play in the Champions League next year is less attractive. Logical.

Bellingham ignores the ‘we’

A small but deadly accident before Christmas is gnawing at the players, and no one reveals it more than Jude Bellingham. The young Englishman, who has captured the imagination of Europe’s great powers and is likely to soon become the most expensive export in German football history, has lost a bit of his charm these days and is increasingly attracting attention with moans and trifles. In the 60s against Gladbach, he made a long pass from the left wing into Nirvana. He once again imagined a weak sign there. But with this transition he did not do justice. The Dutchman shrugged, while Bellingham grimaced, dropped to his knees and slammed his hands on the ground. From his point of view, the question of guilt was clearly answered. One more time.

The 19-year-old’s rise at BVB has been fantastic, crazy, impressive. He has seized all the power in the midfield and wants to single-handedly command the bridge of the giant black and yellow tanks. He continues to forget the “we” and acts too much in the “I”. He is not alone in this matter. The team has also elevated the back four as a priority. It has long ceased to be a harmonious coexistence, but just a strange mess. Nico Schlotterbeck, Germany’s World Cup contender, had an evening in Mönchengladbach that would have to invent a new school mark, he defended so fiercely. German World Cup disappointment Mats Hummels was apparently so frustrated by Hansi Flick’s snub that he was somewhere with his own disappointed thoughts, but mostly not with rival Marcus Thuram. After all, he was visible, for example, when complaining about fouls, which was later punished and prevented 2:5. Emre Can, on the other hand, was not visible. He had his best performance after 59 minutes when he was substituted.

BVB was already beaten. Coach Terzic did not see a shot on goal in the second 45 minutes. However,’s sports editors have spotted one, namely Anthony Modeste after 85 minutes. It was, football pundits including those around BVB agreed, one that shouldn’t really be talked about. How about the screaming black and yellow giant who broke all his bones while riding a pony this Friday night?

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