A sports pool was opened in Stuttgart.

With a 50-meter pool in the new sports pool, swimmers can swim eight lanes.  Photo:

With a 50-meter pool in the new sports pool, swimmers can swim eight lanes. Photo:

Stuttgart closes the gap with the Neckarpark sports pool in Bad Cannstatt, and also offers a spectacular experience for regular swimmers. The only downside is that international competitions cannot take place here.

First impression: pleasant and warm. The second, “light” water, “slides”, as swimmers say. The brand new Neckarpark sports pool on Mercedesstraße has been open for a few days now. Stuttgart now has an indoor pool with a 50m pool and thus closes the gap; after all, they want to call themselves a sports city. The impressive concrete-steel-glass-wood cube in front of Wasen is mainly for competitive sports and schools, but everyone can swim in their own length pool, which is two meters deep, about 13 hours a week. And it’s pretty impressive.

Pools are usually at ground level. In the new barrier-free sports pool, you swim on the ground floor, so to speak, because the basement was not possible for the technology due to groundwater protection. And so, with a view of the Mercedesstrasse avenue trees, behind a glass facade, you take a long swim in 26 degree warm water.

Squad athletes need 26 degrees to train

After just a few days, the Stuttgart swimming world has settled into a new shelter. Of course, a pool like this mostly attracts athletic, ambitious people who run through the water with all kinds of equipment and a poolside workout plan. It is very comfortable on the first two or three lines. Anyone who swims here is basically walking in water. There’s room for that, too, and you don’t have to strain yourself in hot water to avoid freezing. By the way, 26 degrees should remain the same. Since the pool is certified by the German Swimming Association as a training ground for team athletes, the temperature must be maintained. “We can’t drift up or down,” says pool manager Arvid Donnert.

It remains to be seen whether this will also continue amid the looming energy crisis. However, the bathroom is heated without gas and claims to be 100 percent climate neutral. Mayor Frank Knopper (CDU) is also proud of the state-of-the-art technology of the €44 million project. “We have the most modern sports pool in all of Germany,” explains the mayor. That’s probably true from a technical point of view. However, the bathroom also has a drawback. With its eight lanes, it is approved for national competitions up to and including the German championships, but ten lanes are required for international competitions. This became known only at the planning stage, but before the start of construction. The city’s swimming clubs and the Württemberg Swimming Association raised the issue several times, but could not convince city officials to change the plan before construction began in January 2020.

Additional 25 meter pool for swimming lessons

This is just a fly, even if it remains unclear why a new construction project of millions should not be designed according to the requirements of major sporting events. Especially since a pool with ten lanes and thus a width of 25 meters would also be more suitable for practice as the pool could be divided into three 25 meter pools. The current pool also has a raised bulkhead that only divides the pool into two practice pools, which are also not the same length. In the end, however, all the swimmers in the city are happy about the new residence in Wassen, which now also makes the dirty air dome in Inselbad unnecessary for, for example, the water polo league, and significantly improves the competitive and school conditions. sports. In the sports pool, this is also facilitated by an additional 25-meter pool with variable water depth, for example for swimming lessons.

And it is available to the public four times a week. At this moment, the workers continue to walk through the corridors, in front of the dressing rooms and over the stands. The bathroom is open, but not completely finished yet. Everything you need for swimming, i.e. changing rooms, showers and toilets, can be used without restrictions, just like the pool.

And anyone who likes early or late opening hours can look forward to a special bathing experience, even if they don’t want to practice for the championships.

Neckar Park Sports Pool

opening hours
Anyone can visit the new pool in Bad Cannstatt on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 15:15, Wednesdays from 19:00 to 22:45, Fridays from 6:00 to 9:15 and on Sundays from 19:00 to 22:45. entry fees
€4.50, discounted €2.70. More information here https://stuttgarterbaeder.de/sportbad .

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