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Status: 07.06.2022 12:31

Swimming lessons in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are to be made more reliable and efficient through week-long compact courses, additional staff and additional summer courses. The state government and the opposition have agreed on a new teaching concept for this.

In the federal state with the most lakes, every child should leave primary school as a confident swimmer, according to Education Minister Oldenburg. Although this claim is already anchored in the curriculum, it cannot be implemented everywhere because there are no swimming pools or swimming instructors. According to Oldenburg, one-third of children in the country cannot swim safely by the end of fourth grade.

Compact courses for children and better training for teachers

The Learn to Swim Better initiative is based on one-week compact courses for school swimming, ie swimming lessons five days a week for five hours, so that more schools can use the halls. Additionally, more swimming instructors need to be trained and retrained. Prospective preschool teachers should be able to obtain a swimming certificate during their studies, even if they do not study physical education. It should be investigated whether familiarization with water for day center children can become part of the training of educators. Contact restrictions related to the coronavirus have aggravated the situation even more in the last two years.

This topic in the program.

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