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Status: 18.07.2022 11:23

On Saturday afternoon, 28 women bared their upper bodies in an outdoor swimming pool in Bremen in protest. They wanted to draw attention to the unequal treatment of women and men in swimming pools.

Activists have criticized the fact that women, unlike men, must cover their breasts in public swimming pools, Bremen police said on Sunday. Women’s bodies and signs bore slogans such as “My Body Against Sexual Violence” or “Desexualize Breasts.”

VIDEO. Göttingen allows topless swimming for everyone (04/29/2022) (2 min)

Investigation of an unannounced meeting

Despite the staff’s request, the women did not leave the Horn-Lehe pool. After discussions with the police, only they fulfilled the demand. The police report that an investigation is underway regarding the unrecorded meeting.

In Göttingen, the bathing rules have changed as a test

In several cities, the debate over top-naked swimming for women has been raging since the spring after Göttingen’s swimming pools changed their bathing rules. From May 1, women are allowed to swim shirtless in city pools on weekends. The regulation is initially applied on a trial basis until August 31.

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In Göttingen, the regulation applies to weekends. In the country, especially men consider the approach positive, the survey shows. (06/28/2022) more

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